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tcBuildInvoker is a plugin for TeamCity which allows users to invoke a custom build based on a predefined list of criteria.

We often have a requirement to invoke a build based on parameters from another build. This plugin makes this trivally easy for users to do that.

For example: Run a build which signs and packages a jar, and then deploys it to your staging servers.

To achieve this, one would need the following:

Users then simply do the following:
  1. Select the build from TeamCity's packageMyJar build history which contains the jar they wish to package.
  2. Click the Run Deploy tab in TeamCity. The administrator can name this tab anything they want.
  3. Click Deploy button. TeamCity then runs the deployToStaging build using the artifacts from the packageMyJar build. Again, the administrator can name the button anything they want.
Note: This plugin does not do any of the actual work. It is up to ones deployToStaging build to read in the parameters passed by TeamCity, and do the required logic. See the documentation for an example ANT build script. Screenshots